Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Dragons.

Ferelden Dragons clan was created in Aug 2015 and we are days away from clan level 10.  Ferelden Dragons is mainly an Adult clan and most of the members are in the United States.  We welcome users from all countries, but the clan chat should be English only.  Clan chat should also remain clean and respectful.  We like to play games and have fun, but we remain a casual clan.  We war often (2-3 times per week), but you can opt in or out without worry.  We like to see you in chat at least to say ‘Hi’ so we know you are active.  This clan is mainly TH8-TH12.

The leaders of Ferelden Dragons established IceWing Dragons in Sep 2018 after running out of room in Ferelden.  IceWing Dragons is intended for lower level players and is a breeder clan.  You are welcome to join IceWing Dragons and learn some good strategies before requesting to join in Ferelden Dragons.

You may use the form below whether you are interested in joining the Dragons, wanting to learn new strategies, requesting troops, or just saying hello.

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